Pobanz Family Christmas Greeting 2016

Here are some of our favorite pictures from throughout the year!

We enjoyed a few days in Utah with family before we returned to Germany and celebrated Adam's 18th birthday. Ally bundled up and went skiing with friends.

Alec and Allyson dressed up to celebrate Fasching. We enjoyed a nice Valentine's Day Dinner. Adam played on the varsity basketball team at the FIS.

Jolyn and Adam went north to Hannover for the German International School Sports Tournament (GISST). Allyson performed in a dance event held in Herzogenaurach. As the weather warmed up, we spent as much time as possible outside. Allyson was in the school play and also got glasses! Bret and Jolyn celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary. We celebrated another Easter, complete with a visit to some local Oster Brunnen (Easter fountains).

We embraced the arrival of spring with more time outdoors. Allyson took a climbing course, took part in Girl's Day by studying and spending time at a local business, and started playing the trumpet in the school band. Adam participated in Spirit Week at school. Alec continued to make friends in kindergarten.

We timed the weather just right and enjoyed a sunny day in Munich. Allyson was recognized for her mathematical achievements at school. Adam applied and interviewed for a gap-year job. Just like that, we blinked our eyes and Alec turned 5!.

Adam graduated from the Franconian International School. He accepted an offer for a gap-year job, and, after he signed his contract, he traveled to Croatia for his senior graduation trip. Allyson had a part in the school play and celebrated her 12th birthday.

Bret and Jolyn attended the Tabernacle Choir performance in Nürnberg. We had sparklers for the 4th of July and Jolyn's birthday. We stopped by Legoland and Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Adam participated in a team event with his new work colleagues. We went to Lake Lipno in the Czech Republic for a few days of fun in the sun.

We attended a German-American festival. We visited the Levi Strauss museum in Buttenheim. Allyson got ready to start the 7th grade, and, almost as soon as school started, she left for a week-long fieldtrip in the mountains near the Austrian/German border. Alec became a Vorschulkind! Meaning that he started his final year of kindergarten.

Jolyn led in the pull up competition at the gym. Allyson was excited that she graduated to a digital piano.

We celebrated Bret's birthday. Alec started a new German class at the elementary school. We spent some time exploring local attractions. We dressed up for a Halloween party with friends.

Adam and Alec spent some good quality time together. We prepared for the first advent of the Christmas season. Alec and Allyson were asked to help the mayor push the button for the tree lighting in our local village. Jolyn spent good times with friends.

Allyson and Alec received their new school pictures. It was immediately obvious how much they have grown and changed in just a year. Allyson played in the city championships on her basketball team, played the flute in the school band performance, sang and danced in the school musical, received an award for communication skills, and cut several inches from her hair. Adam traveled to Vienna and Bratislava with some of his friends. We visited some Christmas markets and went to some fun holiday parties.

We hope that you are well and are enjoying the holidays with family and friends.

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Bret, Jolyn, Adam, Allyson, and Alec